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Think I am not Jewish.Well, Maybe You Aren’t Either!

By Andrea Karshan 

As a convert, I get really tired of some born Jews who scrutinize my conversion.

Is the conversion legit? Is the conversion really Orthodox? Is the beit din legit?

So now I have come up with the perfect response if someone asks me about the legitimacy of my conversion. “Think I am not Jewish. Well, maybe you aren’t either.”

So next time someone asks for my conversion papers so that I can come to their Yom Tov meal I will respond-

“Think I am not Jewish. Well, maybe you aren’t either! I want to see a DNA test that proves that you are Jewish.  Your mother’s ketubah or your bris certificate isn’t enough. Maybe those rabbis/mohels who preformed them weren’t legit! I want your DNA test results.  ONLY after that will I eat at your home.  After all, you never know. You might not REALLY be Jewish!”

A stupid question deserves a stupid response. So next time that silliness is thrown at me, I will be sure to throw some silliness back.


  1. Yitzchok

    Sorry you went through that. My father obm was a convert I know the drill. A small comfort is knowing that the Torah repeatedly admonishes against mistreating converts and some of the greatest Jewish contributions in history were made by converts of descendants of converts.

  2. Nosson

    I don鈥檛 know the specific situation that you are going through but here are some of my thoughts. If someone doesn鈥檛 know you how do they know you are Jewish? If you give then the name of the Beth Din though they shouldn鈥檛 embarrass you by asking more questions as they can do their own research. Some people may just be not that bright and not think of it.

    I think a big part of it is that crown hights community is not united. I remember as a kid coming from London I went to see the Rebbe. I was in 770 and couldn鈥檛 see what was going on. A kind man decided to help me and put me on a bench. A few moments later some big guy came and screamed at me for sitting on his place. Because they don鈥檛 have a system of doing things and there is no community cohesion. No one knows what the other is doing.

    This means that once you are officially accepted and you should not be questioned from a reasonable perspective you still are because no one knows what鈥檚 going on.

    Add in to tje mix some genuine ass holes and you get a pretty bad experience.

    I think the community has the responsibility to deal with this in some way. Maybe a simple searchable website. I don鈥檛 know but something should be done.

  3. mosheholender

    I don鈥檛 think anyone has the right to question a convert鈥檚 status for any reason other than marriage. If you鈥檙e going to marry someone, you have a right to look into how their conversion was done. But to invite to a yom tov seuda or other such silliness? Ignorance.

  4. Elieazer Deutsch

    Had to bring my moms Giur letter to make Aliyah, had to Show it to the Rabbanut in the army. Its annoying, but I know for certain my Mom is Jewish.


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