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Yochanan Avraham: An Islamophobic Embarrassment for the Jewish People

John Way Jr. aka Yochanan Avraham is a maybe Jewish or maybe not Jewish. Nobody is really sure. He claims he converted. But nobody really knows if he ever did or who converted him. He lives in Roslyn, NY, outside a Jewish community, and spends his time posting Jewy and political YouTube and BitTube videos.

His Jewy YouTube channel is a mixture of interviews with eccentric characters, John’s attempt to teach “Torah” to viewers as he stumbles through the website, and John posting himself trying to do various Jewish rituals which often looks like Jewish bloopers. He also does right-wing political videos promoting hate groups such as the Proud Boys and lots of pro-Trump propaganda, videos attacking people he disagrees with, and Jewish news (which he also stumbles through). In addition to that, there’s plenty of Islamophobic and anti-Christian material on his channels cause John loves to bash other religions. He puts down Jesus and Mohammed using very obscene language. Many times he posts videos and then deletes them after people criticize his videos.

The Jewish community has called him out for his Islamophobic videos. So far he has on YouTube done a Draw Muhammed Day, burning of the Quran, using the Quran as a doormat, using the Quran as a cutting board with bacon and peeing on the Quran. Some of these videos have been deleted.

But the Jewish community was very scared about the backlash that these videos might cause because John is representing himself as a Jew, and looks like he is a Lubavitcher to someone who doesn’t know any better. And there was a fear that someone might get angry from the hate that John is spitting out and take it out on Jews. Many Jews have denounced his behavior. And my understanding is that he hasn’t been welcomed in Jewish communities that are familiar with who he is because they know he is a troublemaker.

I mentioned earlier that he makes videos about people with who he has conflicts with. When John got angry at me he made 4 BitTube videos about me including one called “The Simcha of Burning Andrea Karshan” where he burned a picture of me while playing a festive Hasidic song and wearing a Jewish Lives Matters T-shirt and one where he claimed I called my children mamzerim (I would never say that about my own children.) He also made a YouTube video about me. Some of these videos have now been deleted.

We don’t need people like this in our Jewish communities. They will only bring us heartache. If John hasn’t been converted yet or is looking to “upgrade” his conversion, no Rabbi should be converting this guy. He is just too problematic. Someone who is burning and peeing on other religion’s holy books on YouTube doesn’t make a good Jew. And if John is already Jewish, he isn’t in a Jewish community right now and I don’t think you want him to move into yours.

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