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Rabbi Asher Meza: Heretic and Prospective Proud Boy

The first few times I attended Rabbi Asher Meza’s zooms, which are live-streamed on YouTube, I must admit I did kind of fall for the trap. Rabbi Meza is a captivating speaker, full of Torah knowledge with an interesting take on Judaism. Many people call his views on Judaism heresy. He calls them his form of Orthodoxy. He has an interesting audience of non-Jews, potential Jewish converts, Jewish converts, frum from birth Jews, and OTD Jews who drop by his show and ask interesting questions of the Rabbi, often challenging him. Many times it turns into a three-ring circus and can be quite entertaining. 

But there is a downside to being part of this gathering. You will run into characters like the ex-co-host of his YouTube show who still pops into the zooms John Way Jr. aka Yochanan Avraham. Yochanan Avraham is famous for burning a Quran, using a Quran as a doormat, using a Quran as a cutting board with bacon, and peeing on a Quran on his own YouTube channel. (Some of those videos have now been deleted). When Yochanan got angry at me he made 4 BitTube videos about me including one called “The Simcha of Burning Andrea Karshan” where he burned a picture of me while playing a festive Hasidic song and wearing a Jewish Lives Matters T-shirt. This is the kind of people you run into in Meza’s zooms.

Another downside is I had to listen to Meza’s disgusting opinions on women. He often said many racist things. Also, Meza’s take on Judaism is definitely not “mainstream” or accepted by any legit Orthodox Rabbi though Meza tries to pass himself off as “Orthodox”. So his Jewish teachings can be very misleading and spreading misinformation to those with little or no Jewish knowledge who can’t dissect how they should be practicing Judaism from how they shouldn’t be practicing Judaism in the community they may be entering. If you want to get a taste of how Rabbi Meza’s teachings contradict Orthodox Judaism, check out his YouTube video The Truth About Niddah.  

After attending a few zooms and looking at a few videos on his YouTube channel, I thought to myself this Rabbi shouldn’t be guiding any converts which seems to be the main thing he does as a Rabbi besides YouTube videos. Meza does mass conversions once a month where he lives in North Miami Beach. He believes in proselytizing Judaism to non-Jews including Messianics (Christians). He is very supportive of Messianic Jews as long as they are “following the Torah” He doesn’t believe that lineage matters. He thinks being a secular Jew has no Jewish value. Only if you follow the Torah does that have value. Even if you are a Gentile following Torah. He has said in his zooms (live-streamed on YouTube, sometimes deleted later) that he would convert ex-convicts including felons and “reformed” pedophiles. (I have seen ex-cons in his zooms exchanging prison stories and Meza is giving them his email to arrange his Jewish conversion for them). He has a WhatsApp for his convert community called Beth Ami Online Community. And he plans to expand and go around the world and do conversions overseas (which he has done before).

But recently someone who was part of his WhatsApp group for converts but left after seeing Meza’s racist rhetoric and extreme right-wing views on YouTube told me that he had watched Rabbi Meza”s show on Thursday, October 15 and now Meza had joined the Proud Boys. So I investigated and here’s what happened with that:

Meza said that he may one day be a future Proud Boy. He said he had attended two Proud Boy meetings then corrected himself and said it was only one. He said he was with the Proud Boys two days before then and was joining them again on Sunday at a BLM protest. He called it “his chapter” of the Proud Boys. He said that he is a prospect member of the Proud Boys. He said it would take a few months to become a full member. Meza says if you agree with what he teaches join the Proud Boys. But he says the Proud Boys expect you to be able to fight. He said the Proud Boys are violent. Meza also says if you want to make a difference join the Proud Boys. And then he shared their website on the show.”Moshaich will be a Proud Boy” Meza said laughing.

Meza also shared his thoughts on Hitler. He said he is clearly no admirer of Hitler but he read Mein Kampf cause he is interested in WWII history. He said Hitler clearly said why he hated Jews. It had nothing to do with keeping Shabbos or putting boxes on our heads. Meza goes on to list all these reasons why he thinks Hitler hated Jews including “founding social democracy”. “People don’t hate Jews cause we are observant, people hate Jews cause we misbehave,” said Meza.


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