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Online Resources for Jewish Converts and Those Interested in Learning More About Judaism

This is a list of online resources for Jewish converts and those interested in learning more about Judaism. This list includes websites and Facebook pages. This list is interdenominational. If you have any resources you think should be added please comment.

My Jewish Learning- website on Judaism (Interdenominational)

Alma- Jewish Women’s Blog (Interdenominational) –

Kveller-Jewish parenting blog (Interdenominational – Reform) – on Chabad practices and community (Chabad) –

Aish-Website on Judaism (Orthodox) –

Sefaria-Jewish texts online (Interdenominational)-

Torah Downloads – Free Shiurs you can download and listen to (Orthodox)

YUTorah-Free Online Shiurs (Orthodox) –

Rav Dror – Online classes (via Facebook live) and short clips on Judaism (Breslov) –

You can also find his lectures on the “lecture” tab of-

Coffee Shop Rabbi-blog by (Reform) Rabbi on Judaism, on the blog under “Rabbis who blog” tab you will find a long list of different Rabbi’s blogs –

OU-website on Judaism (Orthodox)

Shiurs by various (Orthodox) rabbis and laypeople-

My Judaism – Jewish website (Orthodox/Chabad)-

also on Facebook at

Chevra Ahavas Yisroel (Liberal Chabad) – has online shiurs on their Facebook –

Live Streamed Services:

Central Synagogue (Reform) – has services live streamed via Facebook –
also on their website –

Brooklyn Heights Synagogue (Reform) – Live stream of services

Park Avenue Synagogue (Conservative) – Live stream of services

List of Shabbat services live streamed (Reform) –

*I checked out the links on the list. A few don’t work. But most do.

List of (Sephardic) Online Resources-

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