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Those Who Committed Domestic Violence While Applying For Citizenship Should Have Their Citizenship Revoked

By Andrea Karshan
Rasmea Odeh is having her citizenship revoked. Could this set a new trend?
They should revoke all citizenships of men or women who were convicted of domestic violence on their partners that they got American citizenship through or had a relationship with during the immigration process. Even though those convictions might have happened after the citizenship was completed, it shows that the cycle of violence probably started during the citizenship process. Therefore they violated the terms of their immigration process. The government just wasn’t aware.
Even if a relationship has ended after the citizenship was obtained, the likelihood of a domestic abuser abusing again is high. According to, “31 percent of those convicted on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge were arrested again within a year of being released, according to the Center for Court Innovation, and 44 percent were arrested again within two years.” According to, “among men who had been arrested for domestic violence at least once, 71% were arrested again over the next nine years, many of them more than once; 62% of the new arrests were for non-domestic crimes.” Therefore, having a domestic abuser in our country puts the safety of our citizens at risk.
In addition, a history of domestic violence has been linked to terrorism.  Terrorists Khalid Masood, Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, Seung-Hui Cho, Robert Lewis Dear, and Omar Mateen all have histories of domestic violence. That doesn’t mean that every domestic abuser will become a terrorist. But there is a correlation between domestic violence and terrorism.  This should also be a wake-up call to our government about these offenders.
So the real question here is do we want these people in our country? Do we want the problems that statistics show they will likely cause?
Maybe Odeh’s case has opened the doors to others having their citizenships revoked. These predators should be first on the list.

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