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Brooklyn Protesters For Cleaner Energy Will March At Dem Convention

Group-shot-2-at-NYC-MCER-lead-up-event-June-22By Andrea Karshan

Brooklyn protesters will be in Philadelphia on the eve of the Democratic National Convention, Sunday, July 24 to demand that gathering politicians include a transition to 100% clean, renewable energy as one of their platform planks.

The March for a Clean Energy Revolution  is an effort to show politicians the public’s feelings on climate change and fracking. According to Eric Weltman, Senior Organizer at Food & Water Watch, a non-profit environmental agency, close to 800 organizations are endorsing the march. Groups from Brooklyn endorsing the march include 350 BrooklynBrooklyn for Peace and Peace Action of Bay Ridge.

“Two distinguishing important features of this mark are we have clear demands we are calling for a just and rapid transition from dangerous energy to 100% clean safe renewable energy. Our intention, our goal is to show the tremendous public support for making the transition from dangerous energy to clean renewable energy. We are also highlighting the impact of fracking, particularly in Philadelphia, where the convention is,” said Weltman.

“Even though fracking was banned in New York thanks to the leadership of Governor Cuomo Brooklyn residents and all New Yorkers face the catastrophe of climate change based on our nation’s reliance of dirty and dangerous fossil fuels,” he added.

Laura Landau, a Brooklyn resident aligned with the Jewish Climate Action Network who is joining the march, said climate change is important in an election year.

She attended the People’s Climate Marchin 2014, which was ahead of the U.N. Climate Summit, and said the March for a Clean Energy Revolution is a continuation of that. She said keeping climate change at the forefront of the discussion is important.

“Seeing a ban on fracking and a carbon tax is something that’s been discussed a lot, but doesn’t exist on a national level. We want that on the politician’s minds,” said Landau.

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