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Breaking: Ferry Shuttle Accident on Castleton and Port Richmond Aves., No One Injured

By Andrea Karshan and Clifford Michel

A College of Staten Island ferry shuttle got into an accident on Tuesday evening while on its way to the Saint George Ferry Terminal.

On its way to the ferry, the shuttle bus jerked and seemed to skid. Students then said that they felt a bump and a few moments after that the lights on the shuttle bus went out. The accident occurred at approximately 6:53pm and no one was hurt.

The shuttle bus driver put the blame of the accident on the other driver involved.

“Someone cut me from the driveway of another car,” said Rafat Kelada, the shuttle bus driver at the time. “If he looked, he [would’ve seen] the bus coming.”

“Thank God nobody got hurt,” he added.

One student on the bus was disappointed with the actions of the driver, pointing out that shuttle bus driver didn’t communicate with the students for about five minutes after the crash.

“I felt like the bus driver swerved to the right too much and caused the accident,” said Nikemma Griffith, a freshman at CSI. “I felt like it was stupid that the driver didn’t say anything and just sat there lost. The people in the back didn’t even know we got in an accident.”

At 7:17pm, about 20 minutes after the crash, many students got onto a S46 bus that arrived near the scene. Some students paid to get on.

CSI students at the scene felt that the buses being over packed were partially to blame for the crash.

“This wouldn’t have[happened] if there were more buses,” said Jasmine Guzman, one of the students on the shuttle bus during the crash. “[I feel that] because the buses are packed the driver gets stressed out.”

Other students on the bus were noticeably peeved and annoyed.

“Because of the crash it has put a huge step back on my routine of going home and studying,” said Emily Devalle. “And I might miss class tomorrow because I am getting home late and I live far.”

After the incident, a few students appeared stressed and were visibly shaken up by the incident.

“I am scared. I want to go home,” said Shawnique Brown. “I didn’t see anything because I was sitting in the back.”

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