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Randy Contello: Lights, Camera, Beauty

Viewer is discretion advised: Some photographs and hyperlinks in the article below contain nudity.

By Andrea Karshan

One thing is for certain, Brooklyn photographer Randy Contello lets his clients “see the beauty that they are.” Contello has his own unique style of photography. That is evident as you look through his photos at Randy Contello Photography. Every aspect of Contello’s photographs are beautifully set and lit to accentuate the subject’s good features. He does it with people and nature.  His camera becomes an ally for his models. Through the photographs Contello produces, his clients shine. Contello’s photographs range from tantalizing and provocative to beautiful and elegant. He shows that his photographic talent is not limited to one genre of photography.

Portrait of Evyenia Karapolous, taken in the park, with nature providing natural censorship. Photography by Randy Contello

“Every person in this world is beautiful. Unfortunately because of the media everyone has a negative image of themselves.  My way of looking at photography is I am not making someone beautiful. I am only letting  them see themselves be beautiful. I am showing them what is already there rather than ‘oh, I look like this.’ It is about removing the negative connotations that media markets to people.”

Randy Contello

Portrait of Justine. Photography by Randy Contello

“I have two rules for photo shoots. The client sets the limits, meaning their comfort, what they want. Some girls want to do nudes. Some girls don’t even want to show a bra strap. The first rule is you set the comfort. The second rule is  fun, giggles, random jokes and good conversation are a must during a shoot. No stress. You keep it goofy, fun and light-hearted, and you are going to have a better time.”

Randy Contello

Self-portrait of Randy Contello. Photography by Randy Contello

“I will take off a pimple or fix a bra strap showing. But I will not resize a client for a photo through editing. I will not make her three inches smaller. One girl asked me to make her from a twenty-four-inch waist to a twenty-inch waist. I said,’No, you are your shape. Enjoy you.’ My clients are beautiful as they are.”

Randy Contello

Portrait of model Kris Tea, done with light painting. Photography by Randy Contello

In January, the Huffington Post featured Contello’s photograph (shown below) of singer Domini Monroe in an article about her. Randy said he was thrilled to be published by a large-scale media outlet.

“Being published anywhere is a wonderful thing. Seeing the photo I took of an artist and seeing her get published, it is an honor. It is nice seeing your work be the way you hoped it could be.”

Randy Contello

Photo of singer Domini Monroe, taken at sunset in Brooklyn, New York.
Photography by Randy Contello

“If I could get paid to shoot nature and make a living doing that , I  would never do anything else.  In the spring, I go to the Botanical Gardens twice a week if I can. I walk around Sunset Park and Prospect Park.  Nature  is  an idealized beauty. No matter where you turn around in a park, you will find something different every day. ”

Randy Contello

Macro photo of a flower after a light spring rain. Photography by Randy Contello

If you would like to contact Randy Contello about his photography, email him at

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