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Being Cyberbullied By Your Fellow Jews

I have come to the realization that some people have a sick obsession with Andrea Karshan. My friends recently started joking that I am a “cult celebrity” after a private Facebook group was started called “Sounds Like Andrea Posting But Okay..” later changed to “Sounds Like Andrea Posting But Okay..LIGHTER-FLUID Edition”. It was definitely cyberbullying. The group was filled with posts gathered from all my social media platforms and there were hundreds of comments on the posts discussing Andrea. These people literally sat on Facebook all day and discussed me. I am really not that exciting, but obviously, they feel that I am. I don’t know if the group still exists because it was made secret. I only found out about it because someone sent me screenshots. But it showed me that some people are just obsessed with gatekeeping and controlling who is in and who is out of the Jewish community, including a convert who is a Rabbi  named Daniel Sayani who participated in this group. This is not the first time that I have been bullied online. And I find that most people who bully me don’t know me personally, they just know of me.

I found out who the administrators of the group were and who this Rabbi Daniel Sayani was. The administrators were all Jewish. They all live in other states. I have never met them. I don’t know Daniel Sayani either. I have never met him. I was very disappointed that as a fellow convert and as a Rabbi he would choose to participate in such a group. I think that Rabbis should be more ethical than that. And I think that as a convert himself he should have had more compassion for another convert. I was shocked by the slander and the lies that Rabbi Sayani was saying about me online. When I spoke to Rabbi Sayani about his participation in the group, he seemed regretful of his actions. He THOUGHT I had malicious intent from something he saw online. He THOUGHT he was protecting the Jewish people. But the whole time I was listening to his apology and getting him to agree to release a statement saying he had lied to try to reverse some of the damage he had done I kept thinking to myself what is going to happen next time Sayani THINKS someone is bad for Jews? Is he going to cyberbully them too? Or has he learned his lesson? I also thought to myself why would the administrators of this group create a group targeting someone in a different state that they don’t even know? Like what did I ever do to them to deserve to be cyberbullied? (not that anyone ever deserves it.)

Going through this experience was upsetting. When I found out I was physically ill for a few days. It isn’t fun to be bullied. I have really thick skin. But this was just too much for even me. I really have a very boring ordinary life. And I really fought hard to get where I am. I have had my share of struggles. And I really just want to be treated like every other Jew. And being targeted like this wasn’t fun. Sure, everyone can say bad press is good press and it will make more people read your articles, etc. but I also have feelings and like anyone else I don’t enjoy being picked on.

Also, I think something to address here is the real lack of ahavas yisrael that Jews have online. I mean Jews can be really nasty online. Nastier than I have seen people from other communities be. The attacks that Jewish bloggers or Facebookers sometimes launch on people OMG there is no mercy. It is just unbelievable. Some Jews really need to think about what they are doing to other people. Do they really hate other people (who they probably don’t even know personally) so much that they want to destroy them? I mean come on folks. Grow up a little. After being cyberbullied myself that’s just where I am at at this point. We all need to be a little kinder online.

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