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Yemen-Are bombs the only solution we can see? 

By Andrea Karshan

The civil war in Yemen started in 2014.  According to Aljazeera, over 10,000 people have been killed in the ongoing war.  There is a recent Cholera outbreak in Yemen that has lead to 1,500 deaths and sickened about 246,000 people since April. The combination of the Houthi’s invasion and the Saudi military campaign has thrown Yemen into a humanitarian crisis, which has lead to famine, disease, and displacement for many Yemenis. There seems to be no end to this conflict.

About two years I wrote this poem about Yemen. It is so sad that years later, this poem is still so relevant-

Are bombs the only solution we can see?
Are bombs the only solution that we can see?
My house, my dreams, my future buried in rubble under me,
As they fall from the sky does the rest of the world see,
What affect these bombs dropping has on me,
I wonder why bombs are an option or seen as a way out,
When couldn’t we just discuss things or even scream and shout,
Because a bomb dropping will never set us free,
It will only lead to more tyranny,
So I sit in what is left, and I listen to the bombs fall,
And still, I can’t make sense of it all,
So I ask the world to do one thing for me,
Before you drop a bomb live in my shoes for a day or just let us be,


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