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Beware: @Imamofpeace “The Fake Sheikh” is Pandering to Jews

“Imam”  Tawhidi  is a fake Imam. He panders to Islamophobes, the alt-right and now he is after Jews. While condolences are always nice, I don’t accept them when they aren’t sincere. And when people are exploiting our tragedies for their own personal gain.

PLEASE stop sharing this “Imam”s stuff. We (Jews) look like idiots. Everyone but us knows the deal. No one is taking this guy seriously. But yet some of us are singing his praising cause he is putting out videos about liking Jews, sending condolences for our tragedies, being pro-Israel, etc. It is a scam. Be smart. Don’t share his material.

For proof of Imam Tawhidi’s fakeness please read the following articles:

View story at

View story at

“Welcome to the Weird World of Australia’s ‘Fake Sheikh’, Mohammad Tawhidi” 

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